YCC Kids visit to Flames Vs Panthers Game!

The Clagary Foundation provided YCC kids with an amazing opportunity to play a mini hockey game at the Saddledome during the break between the 1st and 2nd period of the Flames vs. Panthers game on December 18th, 2023. The kids were given a tour of the backstage area of the Saddledome and got to use one of the changerooms to get ready for their game. The Calgary Foundation provided kids with brand new Mangiapane jerserys, along with full hockey equipment and a hockey bag to take their equipment home!

The kids had a quick snack of pizza and juice before the game. They went out on the ice after the first period and played a short hockey game with teams of 5 v 5, with Flames fans cheering them on! Both teams scored a goal and ended the game 1 – 1! They got the full experience with professional gear, brand new jerseys, hundreds of Flames fans cheering for them, lights and cameras on them and an announcer commentation their game! One of the kids who scored a goal got interviewed after the game and was on the Jumbotron!

After their game the kids came back to the dressing room, changed back into their regular clothes and stashed their new equipment in their hockey bags. They then got to watch the second and third periods of the game and cheer on Mangiapane and the Flames to a win! They got to talk to Andrew Mangiapane and Claudia after the game and got their jerseys signed!

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