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Generous Donors


Alberta Racquetball Association
Alexander A.
Allard Foundation
Alsa Road Construction Ltd (Sam & Carol K)
Ashrae Southern Alberta Chapter
Aspenleaf Energy Limited (Dave T & Vhalle H, Kurtis & Madision T)
Bliss A.
Charlene A.
Gary K A.
Joan A.
Tania A.


Anne-Marie B.
Barclay’s Investments Solutions Limited
Birchcliff Energy Limited (Jeff & Liz Anne T)
Bobbie B.
Boyd B.
Brenda B.
Brenda B. and Baz P.
Dianne B.
Dick & Eleanor B.
Emily B.
Grant W B.
Irene B.
Janet B.
Jenna B.
Judy B.
Kim and Norbert B.
Liz B.
Maribel B.
Mitch B.
Mitchell A B.
Patrick & Tracy B.
Richard B. and Cathryn B.
Robert B.
Shelley B.
Solana & Ken J B.
Stephanie B.
Terry & Donna B.
Wendy B.


Clagray Flames Foundation
Calgary Foundation & Doc Seaman
Calgary Marathon
Calgary Reads
Calgary Renegades Water Polo Club
Canadian Tire Jumpstart
Childrens Hospital Aid Society (CHAS)
Cohos Family Fund (Kim & Peter C.)
Colonel James Macleod Chapter IODE (Freda N)
Conam Charitable Foundation (John & Trisha M)
Courtney O’C.
Crescent Point Resources Partnership
David A C.
Donna C.
Gertrude C.
Jane-Ann C.
Jillaine C.
Jim C.
Joanne C.
Kim & Peter C.
Lauren C.
Lisa C.
Lynn and Dave C.
Meagan C.
Rebecca C.
Shawn C.
Susan C.
Tamara C.
Teresinha C.
Trevor C.
Valerie C.


Anne Marie D.
Cameron J D.
Carol D.
Jennifer D.
Kath D.
Kenneth D.
Michelle & Marc D.


Brian & Janice E.
Ese Fitness Inc.
Felicia E.
Janice and Brian E.
Laurie E.
Lori E.
Pamela Blair E.
Wade and Janelle E.


Alex F.
Andrew F.
Brent F.
Craig F.
Dani and Robert F.
Dianne F.
Elayne F.
Felicia E.
Flapjack 15
Freehold Royalties Ltd – Rife Resources
Inger F.
Jane & Paul F.
Joanne F.
Kaiser F. & Tom F. & Jennifer F.
Kathy & Brent F.
Linda F.
Lisa F.
Margot F.
Marian Q. & Roley F.
Marla F.
Penny and Grant F.
Ronald F.
Samara F. and David H.
Stephanie F.
Sue F.
Tammy & Brian F.
Ursula F.


Anita G.
Bradley G.
Bryan G.
GeoVerra Inc.
Joshua A G.
Kelly G.
Melanie G.
Nick G.
Patricia (Pat) G.
Peter G.
Stephen G.
Tracy G.
Trevor G.


Alice H.
Anne-Marie H.
Barb H.
Betsy H.
Carly H.
Catherine E H.
Catherine H.
Cathy H.
Christina H.
Colt H.
David H.
Deb & Brian H.
Elizabeth (Liz) H.
Jeremy H.
Joyce H.
Judith H.
Lenore and Reginald H.
Liz H.
Marlo H.
Mary H.
Megan and Sean H.
Michelle H.
Mona H.
Nicole P H.
Patricia H.
Ronald H.
Ryan H.
Samantha & Andrew F H.
Susan H.
Valery H.
Wendy H.


Jane I.
Leslie I.
Missy I.


Arjen de J.
James & Solana J.
Jeffrey & Marilyn McCaig Family Foundation
Kim J.
Len and Diana J.
Linda J.
Mary Beth J.
Rimma J.
Trudy J.


Adam K.
Alana, Tim, Taylor, Connor & Christopher K.
Amona K.
Bonnie K.
Haejin K.
Hayley and John K.
Horst K.
Marty K.
Jaswir K.
Jay K.
Jean M K.
Jonathan K.
June K.
Kaiser Foss Foundation (Tom & Jennifer F)
Kathleen K.
Lori M K.
Shannon K.


Alyson L.
Andrew & Charlene L.
Barbara L.
David L.
Devon L.
Esther L.
Janine L.
Jean D L.
Jess L.
Jessica L.
Judy L.
Karyn & Richard L.
Lancashire Foundation (Denise O)
Lily L.
Litco Law
Little Red Reading House
Margaret L.
Maxime L.
Robert L.
Sheila L.
Shona L.
Susanne L.


Bette & Phil M.
Bruce M.
Charlie M.
Claire M.
Colonel James M.
Dale M.
Deirdre and Andy M
Don & Debbie M.
Elly M.
Evelyn M.
Gail M.
Gay M.
Geri & Allan M.
Gina M.
Heather M.
Jeffrey M. and Marilyn M. Family Foundation
Joanne M.
John M.
Karen and Doug M.
Karen and Rod M.
Lesley M.
Lori M.
Lorna M.
Marlene M.
Mary M.
Maureen M.
Melton Foundation
Michael M.
Michael Niven Professional Corporation
Minerva Foundation
Mitchell Bros. Beef
Nathalie M.
Nelson M.
Patricia (Pat) M.
Robert M.
Ronjit K M.
Susan M.
Tammy M.
Thomas M.
Yvette M.


Bernadette N.
Cheryl N.
Freda N.
Michael N.
Michael B N.
Nickle Family Foundation
Norwegian Spruce Investments Ltd
NuVista Energy Ltd (John W)
Pearl N.
Samantha N.
Shelagh & Faiz N.


Catriona O.
Courtney O.
Gabriel O.
Kathy O.
Keely O.
Laura O.
Order of Eastern Star, Edith Cavell Chapter No 25
Order of the Eastern Star Chinook Chapter 133
Order of The Eastern Star Mountainview 1
Suzan and Eric O.
Tracye O.


Adelle P.
David P.
Erika P.
Eric and Kathy P.
Fred P.
Jim & Janice P.
Johanna M P.
Julia P.
June P.
Kaitlin P.
Keith P.
Lisa P.
Parks Foundation Calgary
Pipella Law (Tara P)
Power of One Foundation (Susanne W & Family)
Prairie Crocus Foundation (Janine L)
Prosser Charitable Foundation (Kathy & Eric P)
Proud Family Foundation (Debbie & Rob P & Family)
Ptarmigan Charitable Foundation (Cathryn & Richard B)
Ruth P.
Shelley P.
Shelly P.
Sherry P.
Stephanie P.
Stephanie L P.
Susan P.
Tom & Kathy P. & Family
Paul P.


Ed Q.


Catherine R.
Debbie R.
Denise & Allan R.
Donna R.
Gayle R.
Jean-Ann N & Bob R.
Jeffrey R.
Louise L R.
Lynda R.
Marian Quinn R.
Mary R.
Matt R.
Murray and Nan R.
Patricia R.
Paula R.
Redmond Family Fund (Bill R)
RE/MAX Landan Real Estate (J Carlin)
Richmond Equity Management Ltd.
Rick R.
Rogers Birdies for Kids
Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park – Kids at Heart
Rotary Club of Calgary Community Service Fund
Rotary Club of Downtown Calgary
Run Calgary
Running Gals
Sandy R.
Susan R.
Tim R.


Carolyn S.
Carolyn S.
Christie S.
David & Rebecca S.
Doug and Dorial S.
Greg S.
Jodi and Dave S.
Jonna S.
Kahla S.
Karen S.
Katie and Jeff S.
Kristin S.
Laurie S.
Lora S.
Lori S.
Meredith S.
Michael N & Catherine S.
Mikki S. & Wade S.
Monica & Steve S.
Nancy S.
SA Timmermann
Sakthivel K. S.
Sandy & Mike S.
Scott Springfield Mfg. Inc
Silver Springs Golf & Country Club & Members
Spruce Meadows Leg Up Foundation
Steve & Monica S.
Sue S.
Susan S.
Tatum S.
Timothy S.
Valerie S.
Vic S.
Wendy S.


Christian T.
Cindy T.
Danuta and Tom T.
Dom T.
Gary T.
Geri T.
Kathleen T.
Lana T.
Leah T.
Leslie R T.
Liz T.
Louise M T.
Mary T.
Sue T.
Susan and Scott T.
Tavares Taylor Charities
TD Securities Underwriting Hope ( Alec C. & Sloan P.)
The Calgary Minerva Fundraising Foundation
The Italian Centre Shop Ltd (Gino Marghella)
The Masonic Foundation of Alberta
Tidewater Renewables Limited (Scott M. & Team)
Timothy W.
Trico Charitable Foundation (Patrick C)


Lindsay U.


Christian V.
Jane V. and Sean M.


Adine W.
Anne W.
Ashley W.
Carolynn W.
David W. and Jo-Ann B.
Greg W.
Ian W.
Jason W.
Judy W.
Kathy W.
Lisa W.
Margaret W.
Patricia W.
Ron W.
Susi W.
Timothy W.
Wendy S W.
Wiehler Plumbing & Heating (Eric W.)
William S Herron Charitable Foundation
William W.


Gwen Y.

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