Every little bit counts!

Youth Centre of Calgary exists because of the generosity of people and local businesses.  There are always opportunities to help if that is by donating your expertise and time, supplies or funds.

Contribute Time

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Return on investment: Priceless.

YCC Wishlist

  • $50 = 20 x $2.40 kid’s bus ticket ($84 for a monthly pass), 5 bunches of bananas for after school snacks.
  • $50 = 5 x 4-pack of kids’ socks for warm feet in the centre, 5 large packages of toilet paper or paper towels for the centre.
  • $50 = 2 bags of fruit, 2 board games, paint for a large canvass, 4 painting tshirts.
  • $50 Cereal and milk for a week, juice for one week at the centre, 3 paint canvasses for budding artists, a pair of warm mitts, a grocery gift card for one family to buy necessities.
  • $100 Two basketballs, house plants for kids to tend, vegetables for after school snacks for one week.
  • $150 The cost of a Christmas food box, with everything a family will need for a holiday meal. (halal or traditional turkey)
  • $200 A toaster oven for easy after school prep – cheese toast, bagels.
  • $250 Fresh fruit for 2 weeks’ worth of snacks, 2 pair of basketball sneakers, cleaning supplies for half of a year.
  • $300 The cost of hosting an event for kids – a BBQ, Halloween, birthday, a cooking class, Pizza Friday, an art project for all to participate.
  • $500 Kitchen supplies for cooking lessons, shelving for sports equipment storage, bedding plants and seeds for summer garden boxes, the monthly cost of a communications and social media contract worker/poster design and print.
  • $800 A portable full sized piano keyboard for kids to take home to practice for their lessons. (needed: 4-6)
  • $1000 A laptop for homework use (no limit to the number needed), drywall repair for “gently used walls”, 10 yoga mats for yoga and pilates classes.
  • $1500 The total cost of sponsoring to register and transport one kid to and from club sports (basketball, soccer), who will otherwise not get to play, for a year, the cost of a new basketball hoop (needed: 4/year), one month salary of the snack and meal preparation and cooking instructor/youth worker.
  • $2,000 Groceries for one month, one month salary of a daily sports coach employee. (4 hours/day)
  • $10,000 The cost of one program for one year – sports, music, art, including materials and instruction, 2-month summer camp program staffing.
  • $35,000 The annual cost of running the home, including upkeep.
  • $400,000 The cost of purchasing a new home, in another neighborhood.

We are grateful for every contribution!

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